January 7, 2021 @ 8:29 AM

BwP is independent of Rock Steady Boxing, Inc. and will stay so.  So, PARS is not exclusive to Rock Steady gyms, and, in the future, PARS will not be limited to boxing.  Watch for more announcements coming soon.

As an independent exercise therapy program for Parkinson's, here are the current criteria to qualify as a BwP Member.

  • Offer Parkinson's specific exercise therapy programs.  While our initial emphasis is Boxing, we recognize the benefits of biking, Yoga,  swimming, Tai Chi, BIG, etc.  We recognize that boxing isn't enough by itself.  The BwPP app and database were developed with this in mind.
  • Your coaches have Parkinson's specific experience and training.
  • You administer an intake assessment and regular reassessments using nationally recognized assessment tools such as the Fullerton Advanced Balance tests, Timed Up & Go, Sit to Stand, and the PARS app.

As an independent gym and you would like to assess your boxers and your program, we would love to talk.  Use the Request Information form to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.