March 14, 2019 @ 10:55 AM

We initially set out to convert 10 pages from the RSB paper-based assessment process to a tablet-based app to standardize the assessment process and to centralize the data collection.  The data collected could provide valuable information about boxing as exercise therapy for Parkinson's.  We soon discovered that our 10 pages were vastly inadequate to produce meaningful research analysis as we had been using them.  As an example, nowhere on our forms do we record whether they are men or women!

Examples of information we added:

  • Gender:  Necessary to compare by gender.
  • Age:  Necessary to compare by age groups.
  • Boxer Intensity: A coach assigned value indicating the effort a boxer puts forth.  Clearly, a social boxer and a all-out boxer will have different results.
  • Weight:  Would it be informative to track weight over time?  Many of our boxers lose weight through the tough workouts!  Carrying extra weight can be a problem when balance is a challenge.
For boxing programs, we will have statistical data to answer many general questions...  does it work?  Is it worth a Boxer's money and time?  We may be able to identify patterns that produce more effective results or identify scenarios which do not produce effective results.
We will earn our research credentials over time.  The more participating programs and the larger our Boxer population is, the higher the quality of our data and reporting results.  BwP Project is a Parkinson's Patient Registry focused on assessing the value of boxing as exercise therapy for Parkinson's.  BwP Project is a dual methodology program including both Patient Reported Outcomes, PRO, and Measured Physical Tests, MPT administered by trained coaches.
For authorized outside research organizations, we will do everything possible to adapt the system to accommodate their needs.  That may be adding data fields, developing standard or customized reports, even giving them direct access to the data to do their own analysis and reporting.  Access to the public released reports and analysis will be FREE to authorized research organizations to use in any way they choose.  Special analysis requests and custom research projects will be quoted on a case by case basis.  Outside group permissions and access will prevent them from viewing and reporting boxer names, addresses, contact information and other personal information.  Each boxer will have a unique coded ID.

One advantage of Boxers with Parkinson’s national scope is that once we pass 1,000 boxers, we can filter based on almost any criteria and still have a meaningful sample to analyze.  As an example, if we want people between 60 and 70 who have had Parkinson’s for at least 3 years and have been boxing for at least 1 year… we can do that, and the filtered base is likely to still be large enough to be statistically significant.

The design of the database allows for quick modifications or enhancements that allow us to do custom surveys, boxer self-tests or new coach administered tests.

We can design and program custom research programs that apply to all boxers who meet certain criteria, as a single event such as a survey, as an ongoing event for a period of time or it becomes a permanent element of the app.  We can have a research program that is delivered through the members to the boxers.  Or, we can do a survey directly to applicable Boxers by email.