April 10, 2019 @ 8:17 AM

If you are an independent gym owner or a RSB affiliate delivering boxing-themed exercise therapy for Parkinson's, then you are doing good.  How much good?  How do you know?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "Tracking over 2,000 boxers over the last year tells us ..."  Statistical case studies over hundreds or even thousands of boxers.  Not antidotal stories about one boxer.

If member gym owners and RSB affiliates are going to carry the financial freight, what is in it for you?  Great question.  Here's the answer.

  • It is your association.  Your voice counts.  Members decide on the direction and activities of the association.  Sit on the board.  Sit on committees.  Respond to polls and surveys.  Recommend new app features.
  • Have a voice in how the data is used, who has access to it.  Receive data insights first.. and free.
  • If over time, the data generates income, it offsets association expenses and may lower membership fees.
  • Streamlined boxer assessments.  Save time.  The intake and assessment process could be 30% faster! 
  • Readable forms.  I have Parkinson's so my hand writing is terrible.  My coaches do not have an excuse and their hand writing is still terrible. The tablet is always clear and readable.  And there are no missed questions or tests!
  • Consistent, standardized assessments across all your coaches.  Scored the same regardless which coach does the assessment.
  • Organized views.  Assessment summary.  Boxer personal profile.  Medical info. PD Meds.  PD Symptoms. PDQ.  Physical Assessments.
  • Ever get a PDQ back with questions missed or with multiple answers checked?  No more.
  • New 100-point, easy-to-understand scoring system to talk with your boxer or your coaches.  A game changer!
  • Boxer assessment summary with comparisons to previous assessments.
  • Share assessment results with all your coaches.  It does no good for coach Tom to do an assessment if Coaches Jane, John and Diane never see them!
  • Share boxer assessments with the boxer, their family, your coaches, even their neurologist... by email.
  • Re-assessment notifications..  See upcoming and overdue assessments.
  • Affiliate reports.  Boxer directory, boxers by RSB level, birthdays, coach directory, etc.
  • View a boxer assessment from your home office... or wherever you are.
  • Secure storage, easy access from everywhere.
  • Look up visiting boxers to review their most recent assessment.  (Participating affiliates)
  • Plus, you and your boxers are part of the national Boxers with Parkinson's Project!
Affiliates get all the credit providing better information to your boxers.  Today, we hoard their paperwork and store it in our car trunks or a filing cabinet.  Our boxers get very little feedback and nothing tangible.  Now, we can show them how their money and time are showing improvement.  We can consult with them telling them where they are weak, where they are stronger, and how to leverage Rock Steady to get the most out of their hard work.
Affiliates, become a resource to your local neurologists!  For their designated patients, provide boxer assessment reports with comparisons over time.  As part of the development process, we had a consulting neurologist guiding us.  She is very excited when one of our boxers shows up carrying their Rock Steady Boxing Assessment Report!  When we become a resource to the neurologist, they will see our value and increase their referrals to us.
So affiliates.... save time, save money, attract additional boxers, retain your current boxers, and keep all your coaches informed.  Never miss another assessment or singing cheesy happy birthday to one of your boxers.