May 1, 2019 @ 6:29 AM

The Project is open to any boxing-themed Parkinson's exercise therapy program adhering to the following requirements:

  1. Your program must be limited exclusively to people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.
  2. Coaches must be as proficient working with people with Parkinson's as they are coaching boxing.
  3. Programs must use a formal intake assessment process including the Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire, PDQ-39, the Fullerton Advanced Balance tests, Timed Up and Go, TUG, and Sit-to-Stand, S2S.
  4. Programs must agree to administer regular reassessments for all boxers, typically on 6 month intervals.
  5. Programs must agree to make a sincere effort to maintain a high level of boxer information/data reliability and integrity.

The people behind the BwP Project are Rock Steady Boxing affiliates and, coincidentally, the program has a heavy Rock Steady influence.  It is not formally associated with Rock Steady Boxing, Inc. in any way.