November 4, 2020 @ 12:24 PM

We found that there are 4 assessment scenarios that you will have during your set up and use of the BwP app:  1) An existing Boxer where you did a paper based intake assessment, 2) an existing Boxer with additional paper-based assessments after their initial intake assessment, 3) a new Boxer intake assessment using the app, and, 4) an existing Boxer ready for a new full assessment using the app.  For each of these scenarios, we created a script to take you through the assessment process one step at a time.

1)  Add Existing Boxer:  When a new member joins BwP, they already have boxers with a paper-based intake assessment and possibly reassessments.  We thought about all the work required to capture all the historical information and wondered about the value of it.  We decided that their history was too important to disregard and therefore we entered all the Boxer information we had including their intake assessment and subsequent assessments.  It was very valuable to the coaches and to the boxers.  So, we built a special script where we could create an existing boxer profile in about 8 minutes using special quick-forms.  At this time, since our charter member packages include capturing historical data, members might never use this script.  

Using the Add Existing Boxer assessment script, the system will take you one screen at a time through the personal information, emergency information, the PD symptoms, PD medicines, hear and health plus their intake PDQ and physical tests (FAB, TUG, S2S).  For the PDQ and physical tests, we created quick forms making it quick and easy to enter the info.  If you didn't use the PDQ, you can skip it. 

2)  Exiting Boxer Add Assessment:  As a new member, some of your boxers you entered from paper will have paper-based reassessments.  This script allows capturing these reassessments in just minutes.

3)  New Boxer Intake:  Once you are all set up, when you add a new boxer to your program you will be able to do almost everything using the app.  Personal info including 2 pictures, emergency info, medications, general health questions, heart conditions, symptoms, the PDQ-39, the FAB, TUG & S2S, coach observations and TWET!   Plus waivers for media, research participation and privacy.  You will need your own liability waiver.

4)  Boxer Full Assessment:  Once a boxer is in the system, regardless of whether they were added from paper forms or using the app, their next full assessment will be guided by the app.  The script brings up every informational page to confirm information or to fill in missing fields.  We want to know if they moved, got a new phone or email, changed their meds, etc.  Then the app takes the coach through the full assessment.  Easy-peasy!

Specialized scripts insure that all available information is captured, that missing information is captured, and that future assessments happen in time.  Efficiently and effortlessly.