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July 30, 2020 @ 3:39 PM

PD sufferers have lots of exercise options from senior center classes to swimming, Tai Chi, Yoga, Cycling, walking... and more.  There is Dancing for Parkinson's, Music for Parkinson's, and Big & Loud.  All beneficial and worthy exercise options.  But, all exercise does not provide the same benefits to people with Parkinson's. 

At Boxers with Parkinson's we have a focus on boxing as exercise therapy to reverse, reduce or delay the symptoms of Parkinson's.  Note that on the chart below, it includes columns for Rock Steady Boxing and Boxing.  The all-inclusive nature of the RSB workout includes so much more than boxing:  voice, core, balance, social and more.  So, we .........

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July 8, 2020 @ 3:09 PM

Good question.  Not if you jump in early!  During our First 50 membership drive, special new membership packages include capturing the historical data you have on your Boxer's paper forms... intakes and reassessments...  FREE.  Some affiliates have years of assessments over multiple locations with 100+ active Boxers.  We got this. 

Ongoing, you will be doing regular scheduled reassessments (the app will remind you and the Boxers) and there are likely to be some catch-up assessments.  During each Boxer's first app-based assessment, you will go through each page to confirm or add missing information.  That first app-based assessment might take a little longer than the next ones due to ......

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