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January 28, 2021 @ 11:00 AM


It is really all about the Boxers.  Really.  Here are some of the ways Boxers benefit by you're membership in BwP association.

When coaches administer an intake or scheduled assessment, coaches have the opportunity to inspire the Boxers and encourage them to do more to help themselves.  Coaches use several valuable tools such as the PDQ-39, the FAB, TUG & S2S.  The problem seems to be that many coaches don't know how to use and interpret the assessment results.  What do the results tell the coach?  What do they tell the Boxer?  What do they tell the Boxer's family?  Neurologist?  

The BwP Project provides lots of tools and information to help your Boxers. ......

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January 10, 2021 @ 9:26 AM

You probably love having visitors and welcome them openly.  However, when a stranger appears at your gym to work out, it brings liability issues, personal safety issues for the visiting Boxer, and, it can be a disruptive presence in your workout.

You have them sign you liability form to start.  But, what level are they, what are their symptoms you need to be aware of, how did they do in the FAB, TUG & S2S?  Are they attending the right workout?  It sure would be good to review their assessments.  If you and their home site are both BwP members, you can look them up right now.

Typically, you receive a phone call or email request to attend your workout.  Ask them if they are from a BwP member site.  If......

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January 7, 2021 @ 8:29 AM

BwP is independent of Rock Steady Boxing, Inc. and will stay so.  So, PARS is not exclusive to Rock Steady gyms, and, in the future, PARS will not be limited to boxing.  Watch for more announcements coming soon.

As an independent exercise therapy program for Parkinson's, here are the current criteria to qualify as a BwP Member.

  • Offer Parkinson's specific exercise therapy programs.  While our initial emphasis is Boxing, we recognize the benefits of biking, Yoga,  swimming, Tai Chi, BIG, etc.  We recognize that boxing isn't enough by itself.  The BwPP app and database were developed with this in mind.
  • Your coaches have Parkinson's specific experience and training.
  • You administer an intake......
  • ...

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