January 28, 2021 @ 11:00 AM


It is really all about the Boxers.  Really.  Here are some of the ways Boxers benefit by you're membership in BwP association.

When coaches administer an intake or scheduled assessment, coaches have the opportunity to inspire the Boxers and encourage them to do more to help themselves.  Coaches use several valuable tools such as the PDQ-39, the FAB, TUG & S2S.  The problem seems to be that many coaches don't know how to use and interpret the assessment results.  What do the results tell the coach?  What do they tell the Boxer?  What do they tell the Boxer's family?  Neurologist?  

The BwP Project provides lots of tools and information to help your Boxers.  Here are just a few ways the BwP App benefits Boxers:

  • Standardizes assessment processes including enhanced information and data.
  • Stores data in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access.
  • No more missed information, skipped assessment tests, illegible handwriting, comments in the margins or on the back.
  • All BwP coaches use the same processes and terminology so coaches everywhere can easily consult about a Boxer using common terms and understanding.
  • Utilizes a 100-point proprietary scoring system to make assessment results easy to understand, easy to explain.
  • Provides a comprehensive exercise interactive planning tool to maximize a Boxer's exercise choices and results.
  • Provides clear assessment results comparing up to 3 assessments including trends by line item.
  • Email Boxers their assessment report to study or share with family or their physical therapist or neurologist.
  • Coaches have immediate access to a visiting Boxer's assessment history.
  • A Snowbird Boxer can have their January assessment with a BWP member in Phoenix and their July assessment at home in Boston. 

In addition, the BwP study will provide reports and stats to help Boxers understand what works, how to get the most out of their exercise therapy, and what their sweat, time and money are doing for them.  Anecdotal stories are good, but hard stats make believers.