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October 25, 2022 @ 3:47 AM

The PARS FAB 8 Standing Jump has 4 special considerations.  Below is a brief description of the considerations followed by extended explanations.

  • Size matters:  Traditionally, this test score is based on jumping greater than the length of the Boxer's foot  (Score 3) or twice the Boxer's foot length (Score 4).  So, coaches need to know the length of their Boxer's feet!  
  • However, scoring a "4" by jumping greater than twice their foot length doesn't tell the whole story:  A boxer with an 11 inch foot jumps 36 inches scores a 4, the highest score, because it is more than twice their foot length.  In their next assessment, they could jump 25 inches losing distance or 48 ......
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October 18, 2022 @ 7:40 AM


Auto dealers belong to an auto dealers association.  Subway and Burger King restaurants belong to a restaurant association.  Membership in an association is how small businesses pool their voices to be heard and aggregate their numbers to qualify for pool discounts and services they could not afford on their own.  It is how they increase their clout in negotiations and raise their voice when needed for protection.

Just to be clear...  The BwP association does not compete with Rock Steady Boxing in any way.  We are passionate supporters of the RSB programs and our founder has multiple RSB locations.  BwP members balance their desire to help people with Parkinson's with the needs of running a .........

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