October 25, 2022 @ 3:47 AM

The PARS FAB 8 Standing Jump has 4 special considerations.  Below is a brief description of the considerations followed by extended explanations.

  • Size matters:  Traditionally, this test score is based on jumping greater than the length of the Boxer's foot  (Score 3) or twice the Boxer's foot length (Score 4).  So, coaches need to know the length of their Boxer's feet!  
  • However, scoring a "4" by jumping greater than twice their foot length doesn't tell the whole story:  A boxer with an 11 inch foot jumps 36 inches scores a 4, the highest score, because it is more than twice their foot length.  In their next assessment, they could jump 25 inches losing distance or 48 inches gaining distance... but, either way, by FAB scoring, they are still receive a score of "4".  The paper FAB scoring sheet didn't ask for the distance jumped so the coach and Boxer don't know.  But PARS does.  And, PARS graphs the Boxer's jump distance over time for easy tracing. Coaches can see from assessment to assessment whether the Boxer is doing better or losing ground.    
  • SKIP:  If a Parkinson's fighter cannot perform the Standing Jump due to Parkinson's issues, their score is a zero.  However, if they cannot complete the Standing Jump due to bad knees or a bad back, choose SKIP.  A test that is skipped is ignored for scoring purposes so PARS does not confuse Parkinson's symptoms and limitations with problems your fighter may have as a result of a bad back, bad knees or being 94 years old.

Size matters:  So, I've measured more than a hundred Boxer's feet.  Mostly because they don't know how long their foot is and the standing jump requires a coach to know the length of their foot.  However, everyone knows their shoe size.  So, we found a shoe manufacturers conversion chart for men and for women converting shoe size into foot length in inches.  Within PARS, by knowing the Boxer's shoe size, the app can look up the length of their foot within a quarter inch and do the calculation for you.  Pretty cool.