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BwP Member Marketing Support
Helping our members grow helps us grow


It may feel like you are all alone when it comes to getting out in your community to do your marketing.  When to go?  Who to talk to?  What is the message for each group?  We could all use a little support here.

One way BwP can help is through the BwP monthly marketing emphasis calendar.  Each month, January through October, BwP has identified groups for our members to market to.  Each month, BwP will send out a marketing sheet for  a specific focus group with a specialized flyer highlighting why their Parkinson's patients or members would be interested in boxing for Parkinson's as exercise therapy. 

When we have enough members, we will form a Marketing Council to implement the marketing assistance program.  Among the council members we may have people from many of the focus groups to help us understand how to best tell our story to them.  

By putting a national focus on each segment, we may get some national publicity or maybe publish an article in a segment publication.  November is open for Thanksgiving and December for Hanukkah and Christmas.

Starting soon, here is our preliminary annual marketing calendar.

  • January:  Parkinson’s Support Groups month
  • February:  Partners in Parkinson's month:  American Parkinson's Disease Association, Parkinson's Foundation, Brian Grant Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation
  • March:  Open House month:  Cycling for PD; Music for PD; BIG; Silver Slippers, YMCA, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.
  • April:  Boxers with Parkinson’s for Boxers with Parkinson’s (Sweaty Bucks)
  • May:  Physical Therapy month:  Physical Therapists & University Physical Therapy programs
  • June:  Neurologist & Movement Specialist month
  • July:  Senior Residence / Assisted Living Homes month
  • August:  Rotary / Kiwanis month
  • September:  VA month
  • October:  Senior Center month (Sweaty Bucks)

Once we get going, you will receive a marketing packet each month for the next month.  With everyone providing tips and success stories, we can make everyone better at marketing our business.

If you would like to serve on the Marketing Council, please contact us.

Boxers with Parkinson's (c) 2019, 2020, 2021.  A Washington 501c3 Association and Research Project.