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Boxing with Parkinson's Association Membership
Qualifications & Membership Terms


Boxers with Parkinson's charter membership drive is now open.  We have a limited number of new member financial grants available right now.  Ask for details.

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Association Membership Criteria:

  • Members provide dedicated Boxing-themed Parkinson's exercise therapy programs.  Gyms that offer multidiscipline programs such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. are encouraged to join.
  • Members agree to participate in the Boxers with Parkinson's Project research.  Individual Boxers can opt-out.
  • Members agree to use the nationally recognized PDQ-39, Fullerton Advanced Balance, Timed-Up-and-Go, and, Sit-to-Stand assessment tools in their intake and to administer regularly scheduled reassessments.
  • Members agree to use the PARS App in the course of intake and regularly scheduled reassessments on at least 6-month intervals.

Here is the current membership program.:

New Member Kit $50.00.  Currently covered by a Rotary Grant
Boxer Historical Information Entry Optional.  About $40.00 shipping costs plus $60.00 per 10 active boxers for data entry.  Currently covered by a Rotary Grant.
Monthly Dues starting in 2nd operational month $14.00 / Location / Month.  Members can cancel their membership at any time with no ongoing obligation or commitment.
Boxers with Parkinson's Annual Fundraiser Members agree to participate in the April Sweaty Bucks fundraiser.
Training & Support Zoom
Cancel any time with no financial obligation  Yes


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Boxers with Parkinson's (c) 2019, 2020, 2021.  A Washington 501c3 Association and Research Project.