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Rotary Club PARS Grants
6-month membership dues and PARS Set-Up!


Boxers with Parkinson's has received a grant from Rotary Club of Kent, WA large enough to bring 20 Rock Steady Boxing gyms onboard including BwP membership and to cover your PARS subscription at no cost to you!  The goal is to reach 1,000 PARS fighters to launch several research projects.  The grants cover your first year's membership dues of $48 and your first 6 months PARS subscription of $12 per month... a $120 value.

If you choose not to continue at the end of 6 months, there is no ongoing obligation or cost.  A no-risk offer that is hard to pass up.

If you choose to continue as a BwP member and PARS subscriber, your BwP  membership is paid up for 6 more months so you just start paying the $12 PARS subscription fee.  Easy Peasy.

Click here to register your grant request.


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