December 14, 2021 @ 11:41 AM

Good question.  First, as a 5 year, multi-location RSB affiliate, I'm not sure RSB HQ has any clue what each RSB affiliate is doing regarding assessments.  There is no compliance effort or reporting.  With no compliance requirement, you can't expect what you don't inspect.  Second, the RSB assessment process had not been updated in 16 years.   

In the development of PARS, we have been diligent in including as much as possible of the information in the recommended RSB HQ forms.  And, we have added significant additional information.  As an example, the RSB forms don't ask male or female!  How basic is that?  WE store Boxer information in the cloud.  We provide a normalized scoring system.  We categorize the PDQ questions and graph the FAB results.  We would have to really dumb down the BwP Boxer Profile to provide a RSB HQ recommended equivalent assessment report.

Does the PARS assessment process comply with RSB HQ expectations?  We believe so.  Does the RSB HQ process comply with PARS?  Not even close.