December 8, 2022 @ 1:17 PM

PARS has been in development for 3 years with no budget and little professional development support.  Starting with students from a local college, we eventually hired a development firm to complete the project.  The result is 2 years late and 4 times over budget.  We had a great working prototype that was not ready for commercial release.  Reliability and performance problems persisted and the underlying technology and code was never going to meet our client's expectations.

BwP’s PARS 3.0 is being rewritten as a Progressive Web App.  A PWA.  Progressive Web Apps provide similar functionalities and user interface as native apps, but we only need to build and maintain one version of the app to run on every device and platform. PWAs are websites displayed through any universal browser using modern web capabilities to provide the look and experience of a mobile app. They offer similar user interface and functionalities to the best native apps.  

Any device?  Any device running a universal browser such as Windows Edge, Apple Safari or Google Chrome.  Tablets including Google Android or Apple iOS.  I am currently running PARS on my Windows 11 laptop and my Google Android tablet!

PARS users open any browser and go to where users get all the latest news and can link to open PARS, they just click on a PARS banner on the home page to launch the app. 

Advantages of PARS V3.0

  • It is easy for gyms to adopt PARS on any laptop or tablet they already have.  Every time a user logs in, they have the current version.  Nothing to download.  Everyone is always on the current version.  PARS is optimized for 10-inch tablets.  
  • PARS stores all the data in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access so it can be used from gym, or home.
  • PARS uses smart navigation and advanced features so it is clean, professional, reliable and very fast!
  • For a BwP member with a multiple locations and multiple coaches, everyone can use PARS in the gym or at home.
  • Easy to enhance adding new features and modules in the future.

Features of PARS V3.0

  • Complete boxer profile including a photo, general and heart health conditions, Parkinson's therapeutics and military service.
  • Boxer-At-A-Glance Trends section using color graphs to show.
  • Historical assessments back as far as you have records including PDQ-39, FAB, S2S & TUG.
  • Ongoing step-by-step assessments allowing the coach to chose which modules they want to use including the PDQ-39, FAB, S2S & TUG plus postural pictures and coach observations.  Timers and a metronome are built in.  Assessments include standing full-length photos to show changes in posture from front and side views.
  • Easy-to-understand-and-explain 100-point normalized scoring system
  • Color graphs to show improvements or declines in physical and quality of life elements.
  • A personal assessment report emailed at the end of each assessment so it is waiting when the Boxer gets home to share with family or even their neurologist.
  • Schedule the Boxer's next assessment with reminders.

PARS V3.0 is currently in testing for release soon.  Watch for more details.