April 5, 2019 @ 8:30 AM

Many RSB affiliates operate more than one location.  PARS allows a member to manage multiple locations accessible with one log in.  The affiliate and coaches can move between locations quickly from the Boxer Directory page.  The member can change between all authorized locations in an instant.  Coaches can view the locations they are authorized to view... just one, specific gyms or all gyms.

You can also move Boxers from one location to another.  If the from and to locations are part of your affiliate family, you can assign Boxes to a different location right on the Boxer's Personal Information page.  If the from and to locations are from different affiliates, then we can move the Boxer for you.  This is really cool because the Boxer's entire information and assessment history travels to the new affiliate!  No information is lost.  Just update the Boxer's address, etc, and they are all set.